Guitar Type Beats

R2K. stands for chilled guitar riffs on booming hip hop drums in pop structures.

composing / guitar / producing

I am composing a wide variety of instrumental genres, most of the times I am working with exo-d, obsti & ikarus.

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Every 2nd Week A Beat

Every 2nd Week a Beat is a challenge to release a beat on every second friday. I am trying to keep this up as long as I can. It’s keeping me motivated and I am always trying to improve my processes of making music.

This Playlist only contains the Beats I am uploading on every second Friday. So if you are interested in the latest releases, hit the follow button to stay tuned. 

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About me.

Everything started with making Hip Hop with my friends Alex “Obsti” and Christian “Exo-d”. After a couple of years of being in studios and on stages, I thought its a good Idea to release the Rap Instrumentals (without vocals) aswell. So I created my accounts for distribution, GEMA, GVL, Social Media and so on and started my little Hip Hop / Pop Instrumental channels.

Collab with me

I am always up to collaborate with as much people as  possible, either if its rapper, film makers, photographs, influencer, drummer, bassists, … and so on. I think it would be great to grow a even bigger crew which is supporting each other. Just hit me up on Instagram. 

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collecting society

R2K. (living in Hamburg, Germany) is a verified member of the German collecting society, called GEMA. 

R2K. Music recommendations

I am constantly checking the music market to create some playlists of my style.

If you feel me, you might wanna check my playlists, also available on my spotify profile.