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Exo-d stands for Recording, Production and Mixdowns.

Recording /Production / Mixdown

Usually I accompany the full production process. I track vocals and instruments, edit the recordings and arrange and mix them into our songs.

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Vocal Production by Exo-D Contains songs I produced in collaboration with R2K., Obsti & Tod Flakes:

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About me.

Hi! My name is Christian and I go by the name of exo-d. 

I am a northern Germany based music producer and audio enthusiast. Since 2018 I have been working with Obsti and R2K. on numerous german Rap tracks and Hip Hop instrumentals.

Contact me

I am primary using Instagram as a contact platform instead of posting content there.

collecting society

Exo-d (living in Buchholz (Nordheide), Germany, is a verified member of the German collecting society, called GEMA.